Heinz Bulos

(Not) Terrible two

In Growing Up Baby, List of Firsts on May 7, 2009 at 3:36 pm

My daughter just turned two a few days ago (and we spent her birthday at the zoo, which she loved by the way), and she has grown up so fast. Her age is supposed to be the “terrible two’s” and I certainly notice some “attitude” in her. She’s very picky with food, says “no” a lot, has her occasional tantrums, and asserts her individuality and freedom more often.

But overall, it hasn’t been bad at all. In fact, she’s getting to be such a good girl it makes me such a proud pop. Consider:

  1. She’s becoming more affectionate. Not the usual kiss and hug out of duty and parental instruction (or begging to be precise), but outright display of love for us. Like at the zoo. Near the end, I was caught by surprise when, without prompting, she just starting kissing me and raising her arms for me to kiss her kili-kili. Like she’s telling me, “Thanks Daddy for bringing me to the zoo!” A couple of nights ago, while in bed before she went to sleep, she showed an outpouring of affection toward us, especially her mom, extending her arms several times to give us a hug. And she also likes holding hands when she’s ready to sleep.
  2. She’s an obedient girl. Granted, two-year-olds are easy to order around since apparently, picking up and fetching things are fun. But she is generally good-natured. She can be a little naughty and playful (which is good) and sometimes difficult and testy (which is bad) but she is such a good girl most of the time.
  3. She’s well-behaved. I am so proud of her when she participates in classes (like that demo class at Gymboree and Kindermusik). Even though she starts a little shy, she warms up after a while and is so cooperative she can easily become the teacher’s pet. She follows instructions, plays along, doesn’t get rowdy like other kids, andreturns toys when asked.
  4. She’s learning to apologize. When you’re two and told to do this and that, it can be a tough life. Yet at the same time, when it seems your parents and yaya are at your beck and call, it feels like you’re the center of the universe (and at this age, you believe you are). So for a toddler like her, there’s a constant need to assert one’s independence and personal rights. If she’s not in the mood, she yells “Books!!!!” (which means “Get me a book and read to me! Now!”) or “Open!!!” (which means “Open the fridge/can/bottle/whatever because I say so!”). Since she’s old enough to understand, we had become more adamant in making her ask politely and calmly. And if need be, to apologize. So now she knows how to say “please” and “sorry” (well, it sounds more like “sowee” but it counts). And she has learned to calm down.
  5. She knows how to pray. We taught her to pray together when we wake up and before she goes to sleep. As in she clasps her hands, closes her eyes (and peeks of course), and claps when we say “amen.”

She may have learned to say “no” much earlier but for the past several weeks, she can say “yes” (or more like “yesh”).


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